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When you find the solution to all the “little” problems that have plagued you your whole life, you want to share it!

Over the past two decades, I have unraveled the mystery and figured out that solution: my o2. Simply put, my o2 was not ok.

But I had no way to know that my o2 was not ok. All I had was a growing list of little, seemingly unrelated problems. And I was feeling progressively worse with each passing decade. But that has changed–thankfully!

And if your o2 is not ok–day and night–your life will not be what it can be.

But you can get your 02 to be ok–and you can feel better.

And that’s my mission: to educate adults to get their o2 ok–day and night! Then they can look better, feel better, and do better.

I have spent thousands of hours as an educator working with adults and children.  To it all, I also bring:

  • a near-obsession with “airway” issues and cutting edge interventions
  • a nice dose of neuroscience nerdiness
  • a boat load of knowledge of diverse topics like food sensitivities, emotional regulation, and stress management
  • my devotion to natural health therapies
  • the willingness to explore how all the little things can add up to a much bigger things–and the drive to discover the connection.

I want to help you get your o2 ok–day and night! You can look better, feel better, and do better.


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Stop worrying. Start helping.

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