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If you’re not feeling as good as you used to, you need to know if your o2 is ok. Maybe you wake up tired–even after 8 hours of sleep! Or maybe you wake up every night to go to the bathroom. Both of those are signs of nighttime breathing problems, and NIGHTtime breathing problems start with DAYtime breathing problems.

Or, if you’re living  with a breathing problem like asthma, you already know your o2 is NOT ok.

Either way, you need to know what the problem is–and what solutions there are. Not “bandaids” to treat the symptoms, but true solutions.

Just a few years ago, I needed to know these same things because:

  1. I lived with adult-onset asthma for years.
  2. Both of my kids had nighttime breathing problems.

At first, our only treatment options were things like:

  1. inhaler for the asthma
  2. surgery for tonsils and adenoids
  3. CPAP machine (which treats the symptoms but does not correct the underlying problem).

If you want to treat the symptoms only, those options are adequate. But I wanted SOLUTIONS!

So I researched and researched and researched. And guess what? I found solutions. I reversed my asthma. We’ve dramatically reduced our nighttime breathing problems and are close to eliminating them completely.

And it all starts with one question: Is your o2 ok?

I can help you find out:

  • if your baseline o2 level is ok
  • what individual treatment plan can help you get your o2 to be ok
  • which complementary treatments will benefit  you based on your unique symptom profile
  • how good it feels to believe that there are real solutions for the problems that are taking your health, happiness and productivity away from you.

Getting your o2 ok again is the first step toward real solutions. Why? Because if your o2 is not ok, your breathing is not ok. And that affects you every second…of every day.

If you’ve read this far, chances are that you have a problem that you really need to solve. And based on my own experiences and my work with others, the chances are very high that your o2 is not ok.

Find out if your o2 is ok.  Schedule a consultation today.


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