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Thank you so much, Tara! I have been doing the breathing exercises program for only 3 days now, but I have noticed improvement! I’m NOT coughing as much. When I do cough, I  don’t cough as hard, I don’t have as much mucus, and I stop coughing much faster. I am so happy I tried your program!”
Theresa T.



    • nighttime breathing problems to improve sleep
    • chronic stuffy nose
    • exercise-induced asthma
    • asthma
Tara, I wanted to let you know I am doing really well! I am sleeping very well with the new breathing exercises. Thank you!
Suzette B.



You need to understand the signs you’re seeing so you can create an action plan.  But what do the signs mean? Can you DIY, or do you need to see a professional? And what professional?? Do you need to see:

  • a breathing specialist,
  • an osteopath,
  • a myofunctional therapist,
  • an orthotropic dentist, or
  • a sleep medicine doctor?

The right professional depends on the signs you’re seeing.

I can help you understand the signs. We will create an individualized action plan. That means no wasted time trying to figure out where to start. And no wasted office visit fees trying to get to the right professional for your individual case.

Save yourself the time, frustration and expense of trying to figure it out yourself. I can help you. Schedule a consolation today.


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