Coronavirus is serious

“It’s not a coronavirus blizzard. It’s a coronavirus winter.”
Infectious Disease Expert Michael Osterholm

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How can you protect yourself during this serious coronavirus “winter”?

Start with our most basic need. AIR. Let your body get its air the way it is supposed to: THROUGH THE NOSE.

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If you are not consistently and comfortably breathing through your nose, change that now. You can use the nose unblocking exercise as a rescue remedy.

Then work to clear your nose permanently. Get my proven 3-step program in this ebook.

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Target THE CORE FOUR to keep you healthy through the months of this serious “coronavirus winter.”

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There are MANY things we can do to STOP coronavirus BEFORE IT MAKES US SICK.

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Most important, watch your own exposure so you don’t bring it home to your loved ones who are in high-risk groups:

  • loved ones who are elderly,
  • loved ones who have a health condition like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
  • loved ones who have a compromised immune system, like those who have undergone chemotherapy recently,
  • loved ones who have respiratory ailments like asthma, COPD, etc.

There are MANY things we can do to stop coronavirus before it makes us sick.  And we can keep our vulnerable loved ones safe by limiting our own exposure so we don’t bring it home to them.

Let’s target THE CORE FOUR, hunker down and stay healthy during this coronavirus winter.

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“IT’S NOT A CORONAVIRUS BLIZZARD. IT’S A CORONAVIRUS WINTER.” Infectious Disease Expert, Michael Osterholm