And what’s the problem with mouth breathing? When you breathe through your mouth, your o2 is not ok. You set yourself up for a slew of problems, including nighttime breathing problems.

When your o2 is not ok, you look worse, and you feel worse. But you can start to turn things around by unblocking your nose so you can breathe through your mouth.

But can you really unblock a stuffy nose?

Yes! Here’s how to unblock a stuffy nose in less than 2 minutes:

You will look better, and you will feel better. It will be noticeable to you and everyone you see! And you will be taking the first step to getting your o2 to be ok again.

I have been using a form of this simple yet powerful exercise for years with excellent results.  I saw this updated version practiced by a group of children and adults when I was in Dublin to study with Patrick McKeown of the Buteyko Clinic International. Find out about the Buteyko Method here.

Are you ready to get an action plan to get your o2 ok again?

Or, if you’d like an excellent DIY resource, look no further than “Close Your Mouth”  by Patrick McKeown.