How To Use Potatoes to Reduce Risk of Sleep Apnea

Can we really use potatoes to reduce sleep apnea risks?

Well, the reality is that most of the 25 million Americans with sleep apnea don’t even know they have it, so we need to do something! (Are you one of the 25 million? You can take the quiz here.)

Check out my article (page 6) in Dental Sleep Practice magazine. You’ll see how the potato can help people with this deadly disease. (Even though it’s about two serious diseases–sleep apnea and cancer–people are telling me it’s a FUN article (page 6) to read!)

P.S. Would you be surprised to know that 50% of men, 25% of women, and 11% of children are affected by “Breathing-based Brain Cell Death?”  If that makes your jaw drop, do two things right this second:

  1. Close your mouth–an open mouth is the gateway to sleep apnea!
  2. Invite me to speak to your group!


One more thing…

Here’s the TED Talk I mention in the article. If you want to be amused and informed,  there’s no one better than Rory Sutherland. What a funny guy he is!