A FACE WITH O2 SPACE™ is the most important “thing” we need for our health and wellness! That’s because it determines whether we can breathe  sufficiently–especially when we sleep.

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A FACE WITH O2 SPACE™ means the face is growing the way nature intended it to grow: FORWARD! When the face grows forward, there is space for everything that has to be behind the face—the “airway” we need for breathing! 

If this space is not developed well enough, the person will have a smaller airway. The problem with a smaller airway is that the person can have a harder time moving air when she breathes. This is especially true during sleep because our muscles relax and that makes the airway space smaller. (That’s how we end up with #NighttimeBreathingProblems like sleep apnea, UARS, and even snoring. And you guessed it…those are all kinds of disrupted sleep!)

So what’s the bottom line? If a person does not grow A FACE WITH O2 SPACE™, she may very likely have trouble breathing adequately, particularly when she is sleeping. 

How can you tell? The most obvious sign is…AN OPEN MOUTH! If you correct it early enough, while the face is still growing, you can still grow A FACE WITH O2 SPACE™. If the face has finished growing, professional interventions are generally needed.

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