Low energy?

Trouble focusing?

Not loving what you see looking back at you in the mirror?

Think sleep!

50% of men and 25% of women deal with a hidden sleep problem that causes COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™. And COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™ robs you of your energy, focus and vibrancy.

So you find ways to compensate. I know, because I’ve been there, done that.

  • First it was “the nap” I needed to make it through the day.
  • Then it was “the caffeine” I needed to make it.
  • By my 40s, I hit rock bottom and needed “the adrenaline” to make it through the day. (There’s really was no other reason for me to take up rock climbing at that age, right??)

rock climbing Boulder sleep problems extreme sports adrenalineBut, thankfully, that is all in my past. I banished COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™ and no longer need naps, caffeine, or adrenaline to get me through the day.

I wake up refreshed, and I have the energy and focus I need for the productivity and pleasure I want in my days.

(That still does include rock climbing, BTW, but only because I WANT to climb. 🙂 Here’s a pic of me on top of The Flatirons in Boulder, CO in 2019. Awesome climb!)

But if you’re like most people and have no desire to climb–EVER–that’s no problem.

I can help you because I am THE ESSENTIAL SLEEP STRATEGIST, and I help people UNcover and REcover from hidden sleep problems so they can reclaim their energy, focus and productivity (and look better, too!).

As a result of  Tara’s BANISH COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™ program, I made some essential changes, and they worked! I now sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested in the morning.

Peter Margaritis

CPA & Certified Speaking Professional

So the question for you is:

Are you ready to reclaim your energy and focus? Do you want to love the what you see when you look in the mirror??


“I am just two weeks into Tara’s BANISH COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™ program, and the afternoon slump that always hit me at 2pm is gone! Now my whole afternoon is productive–thank you!”

Chris J.

Telecom executive


  • improve your physical health
  • increase your mental energy and focus
  • experience more fulfilling relationships
  • have greater success managing your weight
  • regain that vibrant look you remember seeing in the mirror!

When you’re ready to live your life looking and feeling like YOU again, make the commitment to BANISH COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™.

When you BANISH COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™, you reap the benefits every moment of your day.

Sign up now for my BANISH COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™, and get back to looking and feeling like YOU every day!


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