Scroll down for two NOSE UNBLOCKING EXERCISE video options. Select the one which best matches your needs.


The NOSE BLOCKING EXERCISE is  STEP 1, RESCUE your stuffy nose right now!

Note: Pay close attention to the description to determine if this exercise is suitable for you. If you’re unsure, consult with a breathing specialist.

You can do the nose unblocking in two ways:

If you can nod your head without head and neck pain, this method works great:

If you have neck pain and prefer not to nod your head, this method works well:

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Are breathing and sleep connected?

Yes! When you can’t breathe through your nose, you have to breathe through your mouth, right?

And that sets you up with a slew of problems, including COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™. (Take the quiz to find out if  you get COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™.)

Wow! Everything in your program surprised me. I will continue to study how to breathe for better sleep!

Fayne Daniels

That means you look worse, you feel worse and you do worse.

But you can take the first step to banish COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™ by clearing your stuffy nose so you can breathe through it again!

When you breathe better, you sleep better. Get those two down, and you will look better, feel better, and  do better! It will be noticeable to you and everyone you see. Click here to get started.

Are you ready to look better, feel better and do better? THE ESSENTIAL SLEEP STRATEGIST™ 30 for 30 program is what you need. Click here.  Not sure if you’re dealing with a problem? Take the quiz.

Do you have a baby who keeps his mouth open? Check out this guide to help your baby before mouth breathing leads to bigger problems for your baby. Get the DIY strategies just for babies and keep your precious baby happy and healthy!
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Do have a child who keeps his mouth open? You’re probably seeing one or more of these:

  • behavior problems
  • learning problems
  • eating problems
  • dental cavities
  • ADHD
  • anxiety
  • depression

Find your happy and healthy child again! Use the DIY strategies in my latest  o2 TARA GUIDE.

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This is where it all starts…

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