If you’ve got a stuffy nose, you’ll love the EPN™ exercise! 


IMPORTANT: While EPN™ is safe for most people, there are contraindications. If you have any health or wellness conditions or concerns, or if you are pregnant, consult with a certified practitioner before attempting any exercise, including EPN™.


How to use EPN™ to unblock your stuffy nose

EPN stands for Exhale…Pinch…Nod. Here’s how you do it:

      • Exhale comfortably.
      • Pinch your nostrils lightly.
      • Nod your head.
      • When you feel it’s time to take in your regular next breath, delay a gentle moment or two and then inhale comfortably through your nose. IMPORTANT: If you have to take in a big, rushed breath, you’ve waited too long.
      • You may need to repeat EPN™ a few times to feel a difference. It depends on how stuffy your nose is to begin with.
          • Check for air movement and “noise” in each nostril to help you gauge.
          • Take a small break in between each EPN™.

EPN™ is a only a RESCUE to unblock your stuffy nose right now!

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