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Is it any surprise that 50% of marriages end in divorce? Not when you learn that 50% of men unwittingly get COUNTERFEIT SLEEPTM.

iPhone low power mode sleep problem tiredAnd by default, their wives get COUNTERFEIT SLEEPTM, too. That means both of you spend your days like a cell phone in low power mode…no energy to spare.

You know you’re tired, and you want your husband to “see somebody” so everyone can get the sleep they need. But too often, your requests fall on deaf ears because the problem doesn’t seem like a big deal…to him.

But THE TIRED WIFE can help her husband banish COUNTERFEIT SLEEPTM so everyone can get the sleep they need.

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Being a mom is harder than ever! So many things affect our kids today. We see the physical, mental and emotional effects in them every day- and it worries us.

Great practical tips! I am going to teach the tips to both of my girls and work with them to change how they breath.
Amy Smith

But if we take a deep look, we realize all these “problems” are really just symptoms  of ONE PROBLEM:  COUNTERFEIT SLEEPTM.  Solve this one problem, and say hello to your happy child again–and goodbye to the worried mom.   Schedule a consultation here.

How can you tell if your child is showing the signs of COUNTERFEIT SLEEPTM? Take the quiz.