If you’re not feeling as good as you used to, you may be a victim of COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™!

In fact,  50% of men, 25% of women, and 11% of kids get COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™ every night. And 80% of them have no idea they have a hidden sleep problem.

How can you tell? Maybe you wake up tired–even after 7 hours of sleep! Or maybe you wake up every night to go to the bathroom.

“I used your strategy, and I was surprised that I did not wake up to go to the bathroom throughout the night. I feel great! Thanks, Tara!”
Frank S.

Maybe you just wake up and can’t fall back asleep. Or perhaps it’s something much more personal like ED or infertility. There are many signs of COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™ in adults. (And if you’re worried about a child, know this: Kids show a completely different set of signs! Click here.)

The bottom line is that there are many different signs of COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™.

iPhone low power mode sleep problem tiredSo why does COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™ wreak havoc on our health and wellness? Very simply, your brain cannot “recharge” itself each night, so you wake up without the energy you need for the day. And just think about your cellphone when it doesn’t get recharged. Before you know it, it is in low power mode. And soon it can’t do its job at all!

But you can get the energy you need. You can BANISH COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™ so you can:

  • increase your focus and productivity
  • enjoy the people in your life
  • and manage your weight, clear your skin and restore your gut health–basically just feel and look great!

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I know because I’ve been through it myself: I was getting COUNTERFEIT SLEEP™.  But not anymore!