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“I used your strategy, and I was surprised that I did not wake up to go to the bathroom throughout the night. I feel great! Thanks, Tara!”
Frank S., Danbury, CT

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No worries! Try out these three questions.

They’ll tell you if you’re in the right place:

  1. Do you rely on naps to get through the day?
  2. Do you need caffeine to get you going—or keep you going?
  3. Do you crave the adrenaline of your vigorous exercise routine?
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If you answered YES to any of these questions, your sleep is short-changing you.

And if you practice sleep hygiene and STILL need naps, caffeine and adrenaline, well, you may very well have a hidden sleep problem that leads to COUNTERFEIT SLEEP®. (Take the quiz here).

That’s because you simply do not need naps, caffeine or adrenaline IF your sleep gives you what it should: a “fully-charged” brain that gives you the physical, mental and emotional energy you need for your day.

But if your sleep isn’t giving you a full charge, you’ll:

  • have trouble focusing like you used to
  • struggle to complete projects the way you did
  • find people seem to be more annoying lately and
  • develop bigger problems like weight management struggles, skin eruptions, and even gut issues.

Sound familiar?

How do I know? I wish I could tell you that a little bird told me…but the truth is I spent years dealing with a hidden sleep problem.

At first, I thought I was low on energy because work was so busy. Then I believed I was tired was because of the added demands of being a mom and taking care of my family life. Then I accepted that feeling physically zapped and mentally tapped was just part of “getting older.”

Boy, was I wrong!

Once I learned I was getting COUNTERFEIT SLEEP®, I got busy banishing it. And getting healthy, restorative sleep again has transformed my life.

Why is that important to you? Everything I learned over the years I make available to you in my program–with maximal effectiveness and efficiency thanks to the proprietary diagnostics I developed.

So if you’re ready to have:

  • more energy
  • increased productivity
  • and a reflection in the mirror you love…

Start here:

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  2. If you’re not sure where to start, book a consultation with me here.
  3. If you’re a DIYer, start with my FIX YOUR SLEEP e-resource here.
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